Video – 5 Words of Power


You… a Hypnotic “Smooth Operator”?

I don’t know about you, but when I started learning hypnosis, I was always a little intimidated by how “smooth” my mentors were.

They could string hypnotic language together like pearls on a thread – never missing a beat, drawing their subjects into a deep trance and then working amazing changes while keeping the words flowing.

When I tried to imagine what it would take for ME to get that skilled- I was often discouraged.

I thought I’d have to spend the next few YEARS memorizing scripts before I could be any “good” at hypnosis.

(Can you relate?)

In this video clip from my soon-to-be-released Professional Hypnotherapist Training, I demonstrate a super-easy way to automatically “install” the fundamentals of the famous “Milton Model” into your unconscious mind in about 5 minutes!

It’s called the “Five Power Words” and you’ll be amazed at how fast this simple process will help you get GOOD at any hypnotic language patterns.

If you’ve ever wanted to be smooth, confident, and skilled with your hypnotic lauguage – this is the quickest, easiest way to make it happen.

No matter where you are now on your hypnosis journey, you’ll see improvements immediately after trying these simple techniques.

Each video on this blog builds your skills in a fun, easy and step-by-step manner – and it’s important to watch them in order.

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